YoungstersWith us, the world
is your oyster
Whether you still go to school or are still in the process of pursuing your degree - you are spot on with us!

The TOM TAILOR GROUP offers you countless opportunities to gather your first professional experiences, to involve you actively and give you some sound insight into our diverse range of employment opportunities. Be it as a college internship - there are several possibilities!

“You never stop learning at TOM TAILOR. We are also well prepared for our exams as well as for our daily work with the aid of training-relevant seminars.”

Kathrin Streuer

“I like the intern lunch the most. As we all work in different departments, I think the opportunity to exchange information here and the team spirit that this creates is very important.”

Dorothee Kernich

“Internationality is written with capital letters here. In the International Sales department, I work with colleagues from France, Russia and South Africa. And although I don't speak all languages, English is a definite must here! With hands and feet if need be.”

Jonas Reimann

“Our apprentice projects are really fun! Here we learn what it means to be responsible for our actions at a very early stage. For instance, this year the apprentices implemented the TOM's Club. This is a small after-work theme party that we organize once or twice a year.”

Alena Timm

“I like that fact that at the TOM TAILOR GROUP you have the opportunity to be deployed at various locations! Besides our headquarters in Hamburg and Hamminkeln (my hometown), we have several showrooms and retail stores throughout Germany.”

Lena Ziegler

“It is nice to know that the TOM TAILOR GROUP invests in our future. After completing an internship or apprenticeship, we stay in touch to plan the next steps on everyone's personal career ladder.”

Meike Amtenbrink

More than just making
coffee and photocopying
  • You expect more than making coffee and copies from your assignment? – So do we! It's not for nothing that we are entitled to call ourselves a FairCompany. Whether you are looking for an internship, a student job or would like to complete your final thesis at a company, we will make it possible for you!

    As an intern at the TOM TAILOR GROUP you are treated as a full member of the team and are involved in work processes from the very start. During this process, you are free to determine the contents of your internship yourself. This is very important to us! Based on your strengths, interests and motivation you can take on exciting projects under your own responsibility.

    These are the areas in which we offer internships (and much more):  
    • Design 
    • Clothing Technology
    • Marketing
    • Buying
    • Graphic
    • Human Resources
    • E-commerce
    • International Sales

    Besides internships, we also offer student jobs. Involvement in daily business routines is very important to us here. Student jobs are offered at our Job Market. Go and have a look!

    You would like to write your final thesis with us? Suggest s suitable topic for your bachelor, master or diploma thesis! We will look and see if we have a suitable project for you in which you can combine theory and practice. In most cases, the thesis is written within the framework of an internship.
  • Where do I apply?
    At our Job Market you have the opportunity to upload your application as a Word or PDF file.

    What does the application process involve?
    Once you have uploaded your application at our online Job Market, we will make a short list of potential candidates. For apprenticeship applicants, a selection day event is held and internship applicants are invited to an interview.

    At which locations to apprenticeships, internships or high-school internships take place?

    We have two locations for this: Our headquarters in Hamburg or our headquarters in Hamminkeln. Further details can be found in the job offer.

    If I decide to pursue the dual study program (Textilbetriebswirt) do I have to take up residence in Nagold and Hamburg?
    Yes! If you decide to take part in the dual study program, you will need two residences. One residence in Nagold (for your theoretical phases) and a residence in Hamburg (for your practical phases). Our current dual students therefore usually live in a flat-sharing community in Hamburg and rent an additional room in Nagold during the theoretical phases. This is the most cost-effective variant.

With passion, creativity and determination, the TOM TAILOR GROUP has become an international, publicly listed fashion and lifestyle group. Some of the most important facts: