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You have more than five years of experience and you would describe yourself as ambitious? Here you can find out all you need to know about the career opportunities and your personal development perspectives within the TOM TAILOR GROUP. We also let you have a look at the daily life of some of our GROUP's successful professionals.

You expect variety and plenty of different challenges to develop your professional personality? Our various business units offers several inspiring and exciting functions: Be it in sales, in channels such as retail, e-commerce, wholesale and depot or rather in product management, IT, logistics, marketing or human resources.
Good reasons for a career
  • There are many good reasons to pursue a career with the TOM TAILOR GROUP. Not just because we are an up-and-coming lifestyle group, who in its heart has remained true to its startup mentality, but rather because as an employer, we are open to trying new things and to making these things a reality for our employees:

    No 1: Flexible working time models
    Besides our offerings to facilitate the work-life balance, we also want to create a framework conducive to your flexibility. You are essential free to define your own weekly working hours. It is important to us that the extra time you spend working is compensated for in extra free time and that you can also arrange to perform some of your more creative tasks from your home office.
  • No 2: A good working environment
    A good working environment is the product of a great company culture, which is very important to us. And this why we are actively working on its further development. You are a central element in this process, because this culture can only live with you. The TOM TAILOR GROUP constantly implements framework conditions and new offers so that everyone feels good and that we can all be successful together.
  • No 3: Development prospects
    It is not just your desire but also our aim to offer you the very best professional perspectives for your personal career. New and appealing tasks and opportunities are always emerging from our dynamic business environment. We offer a business environment that provides the optimum framework conditions for your personal and professional development. It is important for us to create platforms for our team-oriented and committed colleagues, which they can use to work on the group's success and to go on to achieve great things.
  • No 4: A competitive salary 
    At the TOM TAILOR GROUP we put the pedal to the metal. This is important to us and this is why are successful. And this is also why we offer market-appropriate salaries. The salary is further complemented with various target agreement systems to promote performance-based payment and to let you personally partake in the company's success.
  • No 5: Family & Career
    Many professionals know the feeling of not being able to balance family and career. This is why the TOM TAILOR GROUP has established a cooperation with the nationwide "Family Service" and the Hamburg initiative "Notfallmamas" [Emergency Moms]. Plus our various flexible working time models help you reconcile both aspects of your life 100 percent.
  • No 6: International activities
    The expansion strategy of the TOM TAILOR GROUP is in full swing. As an international fashion and lifestyle group with some 1,300 retail stores, we are represented in more than 35 countries. For you, this may very well mean an international assignment, for instance at one of our subsidiaries: Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Russia or China. And our retail and outlet stores are represented throughout Europe, letting you develop your own personal skills in an international environment. Our sourcing office in Hong Kong also offers excellent opportunities to employees with a very special affinity to our products.
  • The professional and personal development of our employees is very important to us.

    We place particular importance on promoting your personal progress with ongoing and open feedback, to let you know exactly where you stand. The further development portfolio of the TOM TAILOR GROUP consists of training, coaching, as well as technical and management programs, high-potential programs and work/study opportunities as well as several other ideas that we are in the constant process of developing.


    Besides our classic training offering, we also offer several forms of individualized training programs for our employees. Whether public speaking courses, training to improve presentation, communication and sales skills, technical training, general management training or health- and potentials-based management, we are there to assists you on your career path.


    All of our employees, whether management staff or not, know what coaching is. Every one of our employees at our Hamburg office has the opportunity to sign up for voluntary coaching sessions with our cooperation partner – the Coaching & Consulting Institute – and to target their personal or professional issues with a seasoned coach.

    3.  Specialist- and executive program

    The executive program takes us into the various areas of the Group, be it as a store manager in retail or in the product, operations and sales areas. Here we place great emphasis on the interdisciplinary exchange between the business units and help our management staff stay close to their employees and successfully implement their management potential.

    4.  Work/study programs

    After having entered professional life, you still want to feel the excitement of immersing yourself in knowledge and looking outside of the box of your daily working routine just one more time? We would be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have about pursuing a master's degree or an MBA. Together with you, we would like to find the best way for you to develop and open up new horizons.
    • Name: Lina Harder 
    • Employed with the TOM TAILOR GROUP since: 1. January 2004 
    • Position in the company: Design Manager at TOM TAILOR KIDS Department

    Six questions for Lina Harder

    1. My day at the office starts with …
    As soon as I get to the office, I start my computer. But, first things first - I can't do anything without my first cup of coffee. We have a common team ritual here: Every morning, on our way to the coffee machine, we enjoy chit-chatting about personal news or stories. This strengthens team spirit. Back at my desk, I check my e-mail and discuss the most important items on the daily agenda with the team.

    2. What I like most at work … 
    I don't know where to start. Most of all, I enjoy working in such a great young team. In KIDS Design, we develop for all product groups. The product variety here is therefore enormous, and you can really learn a lot here in terms of specialist knowledge. And after the long development phase, when you finally have the finished product in your hands, it's always like a first time over and over again - kind of like Christmas. And of course, I enjoy the traveling: Regular store checks in important fashion metropolises or at trade fairs and trips to production and suppliers sites in the Far East are just part of the job. 
  • 3. A very special experience with the TOM TAILER GROUP was …
    In August 2014, we will be starting the relaunch of our TOM TAILOR core brand. This innovation had already been introduced at the Bread & Butter trade fair in Berlin this January. The presentation and the outfits there were magnificent, they truly made me exceptionally proud to be a designer!

    4. My favorite piece of clothing is …
    I personally like wearing plain white t-shirts most. Among my colleagues, I am probably best known for my love of sneakers. And our collections inspire me over and over again: Extensively designed denim pieces, beautiful details and an authentic wash - I just can't say no! 

    5. This is what I'm very good at …
    I like finding creative solutions fast. I have a knack for trends and a good sense of vision in terms of what the collections should look like, especially TOM TAILOR BOYS. In our division, we put lots of love and passion into each and every one of our styles.

    6. My greatest personal success at the TOM TAILOR GROUP was …
    My promotion from designer to Team Head Design is something that I'm personally very proud of. 

With passion, creativity and determination, the TOM TAILOR GROUP has become an international, publicly listed fashion and lifestyle group. Some of the most important facts: