Don't follow. ExploreWe develop our
visions ourselves
Don't follow. Explore.

Behind this motto lies the orientation of our employer brand. That which makes the TOM TAILOR GROUP so unique! If you want to know more about our claim, our employer brand positioning and our corporate values, you can find out here. All these aspects will give you an impression of the views and behavioural patterns that we consider important, and which we try to maintain each and every day.

Don't follow. Explore. This is the claim of our employer brand. We don’t let anyone spoon-feed us, but instead develop our own visions for a promising future. The ideal TOM TAILOR GROUP employee is adventurous, diligent, celebratory, pragmatic and has the explorer gene. Do you have it too? Then you are in the right place with us!

flip Communicate aggressivelyCommunicate aggressively
For us, communication means actively listening, sharing information openly and honestly, and exchanging knowledge. In doing so, authentic and dialog-oriented communication is very important, as is a fair work environment amongst colleagues. We address problems promptly, proactively and personally and don’t put anything off. Good internal communication is a prerequisite for informing all employees about the activities of the Group.
flip Love fashionLove fashion
We don’t consider fashion to be just a random trend, it is precisely what appeals to us. For us, fashion is an expression of personality. Fashion is our passion. Fashion is what unites us, we identify ourselves through it. In order to train our creativity and our awareness of trends, we don’t just travel around the world, we first and foremost also take advantage of the diversity of our colleagues. The communication with them about collections, trends and fashion themes inspires us every day.
flip Show respect for the performance of othersShow respect for the performance of others
Respect and acknowledgement are important to us. We set high goals, expect a lot from each individual and set great store in collegiality and esteem. We want to communicate with one another at eye level, have our doors open for each other, and remain personal and professional in the process. Therefore, we don’t just take the time to show respect for the performance of others in meetings and discussions, but, as far as possible, each and every day.
flip Break the rules of the marketBreak the rules of the market
We are likeable and self-assured, but above all unconventional and prepared to take risks. High value is placed on creativity, and it is not just supported, it is also required. Working at the TOM TAILOR GROUP means stepping on the gas, thinking outside of the box, believing in yourself and being confident. We don’t just do things differently, we also do them better and, in the process, are open to feedback, active communication and constructive criticism. Doers and unconventional thinkers work for us - meaning genuine explorers!
flip See change as an opportunitySee change as an opportunity
As a dynamic fashion company, we are confronted with constant changes. In order to continue to develop and be successful, it is a must that we recognize them as an opportunity and not as a threat. Direct communication and the involvement of everyone in the change process is indispensable for us. Only when we are all in the same boat can we strike out bravely on a journey of discovery.
flip Always set yourself new goalsAlways set yourself new goals
Our work is fun and we are always hungry for new challenges. Therefore, we constantly drive ourselves as well as others to make progress. We rely on the initiative and motivation of each individual, and also place value on outside stimuli such as training courses and the exchange of experiences. In addition to our healthy ambition, we don’t forget to be satisfied with what has been achieved and to take breaks in order to reflect and catch our breath.
flip Be predictable and justBe predictable and just
Courtesy and reliability are very important to us. This manifests itself through both transparency in one’s own working methods and open-minded expectations towards employees and colleagues. All of us - including our management staff - are aware of our own role model function and therefore try to always act in a self-aware manner. In doing so, fairness and justness play a central role.
flip Celebrate successesCelebrate successes
The path to the goal matters, and it is therefore a central issue for us to also celebrate smaller successes along the way. For us, success means both praise and recognition from others, but also has a lot to do with being proud of oneself. We therefore place particular importance on letting others share in our successes and celebrating them together. We just love letting the corks pop.
flip Take on responsibilityTake on responsibility
We work in an environment in which every employee has true freedom to take on responsibility and make their own decisions. Those who bring in courage and commitment and are willing to take risks are in the right place. Initiative and self-sufficiency are expressly desired and mistakes are there to learn from. Only in this way can we become a little better every day and achieve greatness together.
flip Burn with passion for the workBurn with passion for the work
We put our hearts into our work because we can identify with what we do every day. We enjoy our job, we are proud to be part of this team, we gladly give 120%. In the process, we ensure that each individual has a reasonable workload in order to not lose the balance between work and free time.
flip Be clear and structuredBe clear and structured
With us, each individual is called upon to conscientiously structure themselves and their tasks, to plan in a forward-thinking and work in a focused way. Only those who are familiar with the processes and structures of our company, and who have a clear vision of their own role, can work in a manner that is purposeful and solution-oriented. We therefore place value on concrete work instructions, realistic goals and comprehensible responsibilities.
  • Communicate aggressively
  • Love fashion
  • Show respect for the performance of others
  • Break the rules of the market
  • See change as an opportunity
  • Always set yourself new goals
  • Be predictable and just
  • Celebrate successes
  • Take on responsibility
  • Burn with passion for the work
  • Be clear and structured

With passion, creativity and determination, the TOM TAILOR GROUP has become an international, publicly listed fashion and lifestyle group. Some of the most important facts: